Planning to visit Hawaii?

Hawaiian Cultural ExperienceIf you are planning to visit Hawaii, are staying in Oahu and would like to have a more personal cultural exchange with the Hawaiian community than the tourist industry can offer you may want to consider the following options available for small, private parties and more intimate settings:

  1. Home visit/stay with Hawaiian families.
  2. Aloha and hula parties (learn the hula, ukulele, native arts and craft).
  3. Surfing lessons and lomi-lomi from old timers.
  4. Small, private weddings, renewal of wedding vows, family blessings.
  5. Environmental tours focusing on past historical activities and present restoration.
  6. Tours of native Hawaiian landmarks and ecosystems.
  7. Purchasing your Hawaiian-made souvenirs directly from Hawaiians.

Hawaiian Cultural ExperienceThe income derived from these activities goes directly to the Hawaiians organizing and participating in them.  They donate some of their income to whose aim it is to support the local Hawaiian community as a whole.

To contact us :
(808) 321-4852 (English, Hawaiian)
To contact us from the US you may also call:
(808) 259-5284