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Protecting the Environment for Future Generations

Our “Rights” vs. Our Responsibilities to Future Generations

Part of’s busy spring schedule focused on testifying at the  Hawaiian legislature in support of environmental issues and following up with written documentation as necessary. Some of the highlights are listed below. 1. Stopping the Blood Ivory Market in Hawaii. One of these bills, SB2647 HD 1, which we Continue reading the story "Protecting the Environment for Future Generations"

World Conservation Congress in Hawaii

Dying in our polluted nests

Sitting on a park bench you notice some birds searching for food, hobbling around without toes or even with part of their feet missing. You feel sorry and start feeding them. But you may not have to in the near future because they may be extinct before you know it, with you, perhaps unknowingly, having contributed to their extinction. What has happened Continue reading the story "World Conservation Congress in Hawaii"