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Fundraiser Bazaar’s first fundraiser bazaar was held on May 2 and 3rd in beautiful Waimanalo. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and fortunately the weather cooperated. It was an enjoyable Hawaiian event with live entertainment inclusive of hula and arts and craft demonstrations. Parts of the funds raised were immediately donated in support of scholarship funds for Hawaiian youth. A special thanks to all our volunteers.Continue reading the story "Fundraiser Bazaar"


2015 Bazaar-Fundraiser

Opening of Hawaiian Cultural Center Village Drive

The public support gathering and fundraising drive for the Hawaiian Cultural Center Village was officially opened about noon on August 16th, 2014. HCC OpeningHCC OpeningHCC OpeningCeremonial Pu (Shell Horn blowing), Oli (Hawaiian Chant) and the unfolding and wearing of Continue reading the story "Opening of Hawaiian Cultural Center Village Drive"

In memory of Kahu Ryan Kalama, our brother. 10-21-2013

Kahu Ryan Kalama deeply cared for our land, water and its people. As Hawaiians we are deeply affected by his sudden death. Aloha brother, we will always remember you and we going kanikapila for you.”


Ryan, as Committee Director of the Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo and Cultural Practitioner of the Waimanalo Annual Makahiki Committee, had E-mailed his friends on October 12th about Continue reading the story "In memory of Kahu Ryan Kalama, our brother. 10-21-2013"